Autumn Gingko (vertical) sold/NFS

Asian Brush Paintings 14'x48'Peony ARTPOP Award (Billboard), 8x10; 16x20Presentation: Mebane Arts Center  2019Autumn Gingko (vertical) sold/NFSBleeding Hearts 24x36" (available) 36x24" Blue Dahlias 24x36" Cambodian Orchids (available)Dahlias (burgundy) 36x24" (available)24"x36" Golden Mums (available)36x24" Irises(24x36") (available)Next

Autumn Gingko (vertical) sold/NFS
Autumn Gingko (vertical) sold/NFS

Private collection

art 30x15; framed 36 x24
AWG, RedD, Mebane, 


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