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Chinese Brush Painting

(All art work is shipped with no frame. Sizes are approximate.)    Works on paper: Asian brush paintings, drawings, sketches , pen & ink   
I am thrilled and honored to have one of my brush paintings chosen for the Arts Council's ArtPop award. The painting "Peony" appeared on a billboard in  in Davidson, Davie, Surry, Yadkin, Forsyth or Stokes counties, NC durimg 2017-18. 

Using an ancient Chinese Brush painting technique, the paintings are done without preliminary drawings, allowing the color and shapes to flow freely. I have modified the process somewhat producing my images on handmade Nujabi paper, handmade Lokta paper,  or acid-free mat board using Chinese watercolor paint, as well as traditional Sumi inks.

When the inks are used, I grind a solid ink stick by hand onto an ink stone. Then I add water to produce the "paintable" medium. At other times, or in combination with the inks, I use Chinese watercolor paints, (a little richer in tone and more opaque than "regular" watercolor), which I applied with a traditional bamboo brush. 
Most paintings are made using one brush for all strokes, including the broadest, fullest areas and thinnest, fine lines. Variations are created by changing the  pressure or the angle of the brush strokes. 

The challenge of Chinese Brush painting is to capture the essence of the flower, not an exact botanical images.  I personally enjoy creating with the spontaneity that comes from allowing the colors and shapes to flow with a controlled, but not controlling hand. 

The artwork below is grouped by framed image size.

Asian Brush Painting (supplies)
Asian Brush Painting (supplies)

14'x48'Peony ARTPOP Award (Billboard), 8x10; 16x20
14'x48'Peony ARTPOP Award (Billboard), 8x10; 16x20

Autumn Gingko (vertical)
Autumn Gingko (vertical)

Bleeding Hearts 24x36"
Bleeding Hearts 24x36"

24x36" Cambodian Orchids
24x36" Cambodian Orchids

Dahlias (burgundy) 36x24"
Dahlias (burgundy) 36x24"

 36x24" Blue Dahlias
36x24" Blue Dahlias

24"x36" Golden Mums
24"x36" Golden Mums

36x24" Iris garden (24x36")
36x24" Iris garden (24x36")


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