Ekphrasis Challenge

Writing Opportunity
Poetry and Prose Inspired by ART

The term ekphrasis is derived from the combination of two Ancient Greek words: ek, which can mean 'for the sake of,' and phradzein, meaning 'to show, point out, describe.' The term is used here for poetry or prose that describes or is inspired by a work of art.

Authors are invited to submit a poem or brief work of prose related to the artwork (paintings or prints). It could be a description or an imaginative piece inspired by the artwork.
Each month a new image is posted on my Website and Facebook page, inviting poetry submissions.
Click the links to the side to read the works.

Authors are invited to add to the Ekphrasis experience. Submit your poetry or prose (400 word max) inspired by any art on this site. Send to SouthHouseStudio@gmail.com
Selected works will be added. 

Photos are from an Ekphrasis Evening held in conjunction with the exhibition, Art from SouthHouse Studio at the Unleashed Gallery, Winston Salem on display during the month of July, 2015.

Ekphrasis Evening July 17, 2015

The Art and Writing of Barbara Rizza Mellin