Freewheelin' Series: Print-based Photo Collages

The Freewheelin' series was on display in the Executive Lounge, Main Terminal, PTI Airport, Greensboro,NC. 2018-20
Part of the series was also exhibited  at Alamance Art Center, Yadkin Art Center and Artworks Gallery, Winston-Salem. 

 (All square 20x20" Freewheelin' art works are shipped with no frame. Larger works are shipped with a thin metal frame and polystyrene glazing. Contact me for details. (Sizes are approximate. )

Artist Statement: Freewheelin’ Series: Print-based collages

Freewheeling: verb [ no obj.] “to ride a bicycle with the pedals at rest, especially downhill -- (usu. as adj. freewheeling) act without concern for rules, conventions, or the consequences of one's actions.

For my Freewheelin’ Series, I carved a small linocut, incorporating the striking linear design of bicycle spokes (1/4 wheel). Then using a hand baren, I printed the quarter section, 4”x4” square.

Hand-printed block Hand-carved lino-block plate

For the 21x21” works, I have combined 16 photo images of the printed square into each of the larger collages. The combinations are endless, and that is the magic of the series. The results may be symmetrical or truly “freewheeling.” Sometimes a completed wheel forms the center. Other times the wheel/spoke reference is almost lost entirely. For these, I have used one color, so the pattern becomes the focus. For other works in the series, I have varied the color combinations to illustrate the impact that makes on the overall result. And I have also arranged multiples of the 4” squares into longer spiral and linear shapes. For the rectangular images, I often use print images with a small border. This gives the effect of a window pane, allowing the larger image to take on a stained glass quality. As I mentioned, the possibilities are endless.

This exhibit shows variation of the theme in both color and design.
Note: all images are signed in such a way that they may be hung vertically or horizontally.

36 Freewheelin'  6x8  40"x30", Currently at Benton Convention,  Winston Salem
36 Freewheelin' 6x8 40"x30", Currently at Benton Convention, Winston Salem
Contact for price

Xfreewheelin 6x8
Xfreewheelin 6x8
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Xfreewheelin 6x8
Xfreewheelin 6x8

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