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The brush paintings and hand colored intaglio prints are so classic yet so delicate. Beautiful work!
-- Jcc, 2/10/21

Barbara Rizza Mellin" I wanted to write to say that I am so struck by your mezzotints of the eggs in the colander with the shadows! I’ve been thinking about wholeness and colanders and porousness and after googling “colander drawing shadow” tonight I stumbled upon your work. Despite the darkness of the pieces there is so much light and depth- the eggs glow and the holes in the colander’s shadow are alit. They are full of quiet." M from Pennsylvania.
-- Barbara Rizza Mellin, 1/18/21

Love your billboard ! Would like to see more of your work in person.
-- Pamela Haisty, 5/26/17

It's amazing how productive a happy retirement can be! How did you ever find time to work ;-)
-- Patricia Morrow, 2/5/16

Enjoyed meeting you and your husband at Poetry In Plain Sight, Live! Just now admired your paintings on line--the Cape ones rang true. If you ever do come to New Bern in your explorations of NC, let us know. Check out for a preview! Jeanne Julian & Tim Murphy
-- Jeanne Julian, 1/26/16

It was so nice to meet you for the evening of readings and art and it was good to see you again today. I appreciate your interest in my poem. Thanks for posting it on your site. Thanks for taking the time to share your talents with my sister and me.
-- Clara Gizinski, 7/29/15

Nice, fresh, and uplifting. Thanks for sharing.
-- Vijya , 5/5/15

You inspire me! What a lovely site and how good that you are sharing your work with us all. Hugs!
-- Judy Buswick, 1/17/15

Very impressive, Barbara. What a path you have taken in your life. Wishing you all the best!
-- Judy Piscopo Mara Dashawetz, 1/9/15

Very nice website, Barbara! And lovely work to gaze upon. Will you be teaching kids again?
-- Judith Riley, 1/8/15

Fabulous work. Love your philosophy.
-- Patricia Morrow, 1/7/15

Love your recent work!
-- Jean Connolly, 1/3/15

The Art and Writing of Barbara Rizza Mellin