I Am Art by Cassius Taylor

I Am Art by Cassius Taylor
 I Am Art

Look at me; I’m what original mankind created.

My style my hue my concept is amazing.

“Look at me”.

Can’t you see what god has created in the wonderland of many wonders?

“I’m bright I’m brilliant.  I take you in the past and the future with out you even noticing it. “

Notice me”

You don’t have to ask the creator who made me first.

I already been colorful from the beginning of time.

I’m more then just an art piece I’m a masterpiece in disguise like a great surprise.

Look at me

open your eyes and just imagine what my true meaning can bring to the world.

I came out of nowhere like ekphrastic making history reveal it self from the canvas of my many gestures.

 Look for me

 “The magic of my phradzein will artistically illuminate your soul.”

The oil on my canvas is like a time machine that takes you to the unknowns of the art world.

“Look for me,

imagine me being sold for billions when it’s worth even more in my creator’s house.

I have been created for the whole worlds too see me not to be hidden.

 “Look at me;

Do you like what you see cause, I do. I’m like a rainbow. I have many colors. More often I’ve been lucky. I’m like a jackpot of gold waiting to be discovered by you

Cassius Taylor

Catch-A-Fire Entertainment-2015


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