*Along the Rhine linocut 7"x11"

*Studio Window/   Logo  linocut*Along the Rhine linocut 7"x11"*Boats at Sunset, white-line linocut* Bougainvillea/White Line linocut/monotype 20x20*Dogwood branch (four-color reduction print) Flight of Fancy (blue veriegated),lino-cut*First Fruit linocutFine Feathers (bluish) lino-cutFirebird 2 lino-cutFirebird 1, lino-cutNext

*Along the Rhine linocut 7"x11"
*Along the Rhine linocut 7"x11"

sold out / unavailable

Limited edition (20) linocut on paper

Art: 6"x12"; matted 16"x20"
Yd, , wslib


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