*Pysanky Eggs 1 (orange/yellow) Reduction lino-cut

*Studio Window/   Logo  linocut*Dogwood branch (four-color reduction print) Leaf Layers reduction linocut*Gorgeous Gourds. lino-cut, reduction (Limited edition of 8)Magnolia (yellow) Variable edition of 5.*Pysanky Eggs 2 (black/red) Reduction lino-cut*Pysanky Eggs 1 (orange/yellow)  Reduction lino-cut*Pysanky Eggs2 (blue) Reduction print*Along the Rhine linocut 7"x11"*(Blue Ridge) Mist in the Mountains, white-line woodblock print +Next

*Pysanky Eggs 1 (orange/yellow)  Reduction lino-cut
*Pysanky Eggs 1 (orange/yellow) Reduction lino-cut


art"6"x12"; matted  16x20


The Art and Writing of Barbara Rizza Mellin