Solitary Barn by R.V. Kuser

Solitary Barn by R.V. Kuser
The Solitary Barn 
For me, the oil painting The Solitary Barn is a peaceful and relaxing scene.  The barn is well built and majestic. The surrounding lawn is lush and green but there are also areas where the grass is very worn down.  The rustic composition of the barn gives me a perception that there had been very hard, but plentiful labor completed at this location.  

The painting also gives me the impression that the barn and the farm is now in retirement because the doors are closed and there are no animals in the picture.  I seem to get a powerful and warm sensation that this barn was a key part of someones quality of life.  

Another idea which comes to my mind is that the barn and everyone who was a part of it worked to produce goods to bring to market.  This could mean that there was an abundance of food for people not go hungry.  

Finally, I also get an idea in my mind by looking at the sky. I observe a soft, warm, blue sky with very delicate, white clouds which gives me an impression of angels dancing over the barn.
--R.V. Kuser



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