Studio Shelf by Gerard Berry

Studio Shelf by Girard Berry
Studio Shelf

A half dozen cups

filled with pencils, brushes and knives

sit conversing

as old painter friends

in the artist's studio.

* * * *

Here's a Dutchman driven to abstraction

to use only black lines and primary colors

and simplify Nature's elements into- rectangles!

The glisten of wet bricks on a wide boulevard

dotted with black hats and umbrellas

made Paris forever synonymous with rain.

Vincent found his “Sunflowers” in Arle's halos

of ecstatic color

he called “kingdoms of light”.

Henri loved the tainted nightlife of Montmartre;

so did his friend the cabaret singer, whose face

and red scarf made Latrec's posters famous.

Sunday afternoon on La Grande Jatte:

Sun and shadow, trees, lake, people of every class

enjoying the park- all are points of light.

Miro escaped the tragic times through his

“Constellations”: sublime stars, moons and gawky birds,

a salvation for the spirit.

* * * *

In the end

they share with us their common story:

We live in a world saved by beauty.

                              --Girard Berry


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