The Keep


The castle contains.

Walls protect the valley

as a refuge, a consolidation

of resources to defend all in the village

against the hoard of necessary evils, without.

The square abides

shops round the block.

Ample parking at the blacksmith's

but every door is a short walk away.

Little need for horsepower in the valley.

The steeple hovers

with holding power

and guilted places within

A guiding light shines the way

and a bell calls with a promise of inner peace.

All is well.

The valley exudes

a confidence of eased minds.

Until the peace is disturbed by rested, well-fed Chairs

resting on crests and passing futures around like excremental candies

Then turns the key.

The castle locks click and the rules stick.

The village commoner finds a limited existence

not there before and provided as a gift for all, from those above.

Now the village is safer, tithes and taxes might just pay for everything.

All is swell.

The village knows a pricy peace

A confidence of those locked within.

The castle holds the keep against those without

The steeple guides the villager to a better tomorrow...




The Art and Writing of Barbara Rizza Mellin