The Magician by Barbara Rizza Mellin

The Magician by Barbara Rizza Mellin
The Magician

On a blank canvas, flat and stark-white,

The artist works his magic:

Beneath his palette knife, a forest grows.

Dark shadows draw us in.

Highlights summon the once-hidden sun.

He waves his paint-brush wand,

And a woodland path meanders.

A far horizon comes into view.

Behind an atmospheric veil

Mountains rise; earth recedes.


Pure sorcery creates a landscape, deep.

In the foreground, he casts a spell:

Alizarin red with a touch of ochre

Cerulean blue with a hint of green

Shades, tints, pigments, hues.


Flowers bloom, petal by petal.

A field, almost fragrant, spreads before us,

Cream clouds billow against a crimson sky.

The illusion is complete:

Something . . . conjured from nothing


--Barbara Rizza Mellin


The Art and Writing of Barbara Rizza Mellin