the N.C. Arts Council, a Division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County, and ArtsGreensboro.
The Mezzotint process of printmaking was invented in the mid-17th century, and has pretty much gone out of favor with most printmakers because it is so labor- intensive  and time-consuming.  However, the  rich, velveting blacks that can be produced are, I believe, worth the effort.  Furthermore, it may be time for mezzotints to make a comeback, since this is an intaglio process like etching, but requires no toxic solutions or hazardous materials. 
I was thrilled  to receive  an Artist Support Grant from the NC ArtsCouncil to explore Mezzotints. Here are  some fo the results. Plan ahead ! You are invited to an Exhibit of these  and other Mezzotints in May 2023 at Artworks Gallery, Winston Salem. 

Lunaria (money plant)  in glass vase (D1)Baby's breath in glass vase (G1)Magnolia blossoms in dragon vase (A2)Tulips in glass vase (L1)Anemones in Chinese vase (I 2)Fiji Mums and ribbon (F1)Fox glove and pearls (B1)Rosemary and Garlic(H1)Irises and Lace (M2)Next


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