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The Mezzotint process of printmaking was invented in the mid-17th century, and has pretty much gone out of favor with most printmakers because it is so labor- intensive  and time-consuming.  However, the  rich, velveting blacks that can be produced are, I believe, worth the effort.  Furthermore, it may be time for mezzotints to make a comeback, since this is an intaglio process like etching, but requires no toxic solutions or hazardous materials. 
I was thrilled  to receive  an Artist Support Grant from the NC ArtsCouncil to explore Mezzotints. Here are  some fo the results. Plan ahead ! You are invited to an Exhibit of these  and other Mezzotints in May 2023 at Artworks Gallery, Winston Salem. 

PreviousCotton and Eggs (k2)Hydrangias (F2) in square glass vases /SHIMGlads and Grapes (B2) Sunflowers  and Pysanky Eggs (C2)Angel with Horn (blue)Angel with Lute (blue) pre-rocked plateAngel with Violin (blue) pre-rocked plate (Sold) Still available in edition.Angel with Flute (blue) pre-rocked plate *Anemones (white), MezzotintNext


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