*Boats by the Bay (mono/blue) Sold

PreviousKernersville Cactus (limited edition of 6; 2 available) @ Rhodes Art CenterPat's Paradise (Arizona "Bird of Paradise) (edition still available)*Blue and White, linocut ((sold)edition still available)*Two Boats, white-line lino print (sold)*Boats by the Bay (mono/blue)  SoldCamellias (Purple or Red ) ((sold)edition still available)Generations lino-cut (multi-color)  ((sold)edition still available)Renata's Peonies hand-colored, white-line lino cut ((sold)edition still available)Spring Promise lino cut on monotype (sold)Evening, Rome (Parasol Pines in Rome) soldNext

*Boats by the Bay (mono/blue)  Sold
*Boats by the Bay (mono/blue) Sold

white-line lino cut

art work 6x12; matted 11x14


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