19 Freewheelin' NINETEEN (green/yellow 6X4)

Previous9 Freewheelin' TEN (Blue 4sqx4sq)10 Freewheelin' NINE (Blue 4x4)13 Freewheelin' THIRTEEN (Red/blue 4sqx5sq)14 Freewheelin' FOURTEEN (yellow/blue 4sqx5sq/18x24)15 Freewheelin' FIFTEEN (red, yellow,blue 5x4 sq)16 Freewheelin' 16 (4x5)19 Freewheelin' NINETEEN  (green/yellow 6X4)21 Freewheelin' TWENTY ONE (blue-green 4x6 sqs)22 Freewheelin'  TWENTY TWO23 Freewheelin' TWENTY THREENext

19 Freewheelin' NINETEEN  (green/yellow 6X4)
19 Freewheelin' NINETEEN (green/yellow 6X4)

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PTI Airport 2018-19

Alamance Arts 2018 
Featured art/artist High Shelf magazine, Issue XXll


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