Rest and Reset Collage

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Rest and Reset Collage
Rest and Reset Collage

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16x20 Mixed Media (includes hand colored dry point etching on paper reproduction of classic kimono patterns,  stamp using an Indian fabric pattern wood block, and rice paper.) awg  yadkin

All collages created during the Pandemic:
Since I have basically been at home for these months, I decided to focus on my personal interiors (which I think are an analogy for everyone's interiors.)
I created what I call Quick Quarantine etchings.  These were done daily (for a while, not every day) on the acetate lids of food products, such as blueberry containers. 
I do have a small studio in my home, so using my press, I printed these drypoint etchings and added some colored pencil.
Once I had several QQ drypoint etchings, I created the collages. The collages give the work a broader context, sometimes reinterpreted all together. 
The collages were created using a variety of papers (handmade Lokta or flower petal papers, reproduction Kimono patterns, rice paper, etc.), stamps from my Indian fabric wood blocks and javanese metal batik tjap collections, ribbons and other "found" materials.


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